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Satisfy your need for speed  with our highly developed 

tuning calibrations.

Custom Dyno Tuning

With our in house 2000Bhp 4WD rolling road we are able to tune a wide variety of vehicles.

German Tuning Specialists

Our research and development is centred around working with German/Euro vehicles. Our specialties are BMW, Volkswagen Audi Group, Mercedes, and Porsche.

Upgrades + Servicing

We can not only help make your car faster but also keep it mechanically pristine with in house workshop facilities.

“The team at Road Rage Perfomance just took my AMG E63 to the next level! Such a phenomenal transformation. 100% Recommended. "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough", so get yourself down to Road Rage Performance..”

Jack Jackson

Tuning done properly.

When it comes to the U.K ECU tuning industry things can get a bit messy, due to being an un regulated practice (although legal) basic principles can be totally overlooked.  


Here at Road Rage Performance we strive to provide the highest quality remapping service for you and your vehicle.

Established since 2016 we have tuned over 5000 engines with fantastic results.   


With full datalogging and pre tuning checks carried out before every dyno remap, and factory level calibration practices. You can be sure your engine will be running at optimal performance, forever. 


Whether you’re curious about power gains, pricing, or even what exactly tuning involves, we’re here to answer any questions.

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