Volvo Speed Limiter Removal

Vmax Removal For All Models.

Since 2020 all Volvo models have been electronically limited to 112MPH, this is especially disappointing when 450Bhp Polestar models hit their limit in under 10 seconds!  

Vmax Limiter Removal From RRP

Using advanced tooling and our in house methods we are able to derestrict your Volvo allowing you to travel at your preferred speed,

All for just £749.


Remote Programming options are also available.

Why are Volvos now restricted?

Controversial Move: Volvo's New 112 MPH Speed Restriction Raises Concerns

Volvo, the renowned Swedish automaker, has recently stirred controversy with its introduction of a 112 MPH speed restriction in their latest vehicles. While presented as a safety measure, this innovation has sparked debates and raised concerns about individual freedoms and practicality. In this article, we will explore the contentious aspects of Volvo’s new speed restriction and its implications for drivers.


Volvo’s decision to implement a 112 MPH speed restriction has been met with mixed reactions from both experts and consumers. This move, while purportedly aimed at enhancing road safety, has given rise to several noteworthy concerns.


Challenges with the 112 MPH Limit


1. Limiting Personal Freedom: Critics argue that the speed restriction encroaches on individual freedom. They contend that drivers should have the autonomy to choose their own driving speeds, provided they adhere to posted speed limits.


2. Practicality Concerns: Some skeptics raise practical concerns, particularly in regions with higher speed limits on highways and motorways. They question the real-world usability of Volvo vehicles with this restriction, especially on long journeys.


3. Mixed Reactions on Safety Impact: While Volvo asserts that the 112 MPH limit enhances safety, there are differing opinions. Critics argue that other factors, such as driver behaviour and road conditions, are more critical determinants of safety, and restricting speed might not address the root causes of accidents.


Balancing Safety and Freedom:

The debate surrounding Volvo’s speed restriction highlights the challenging balance between road safety and personal liberty. It calls into question whether technology-driven safety measures should limit drivers’ choices and responsibilities.


The Future of Speed Restrictions:

Volvo’s decision to implement the 112 MPH speed limit could influence other automakers to follow suit, potentially leading to a shift in the industry. However, it remains to be seen whether consumers will embrace such restrictions willingly or if they will resist them as an infringement on their driving experience.



Volvo’s introduction of a 112 MPH speed restriction has ignited a passionate debate about the role of technology in regulating driving behavior. While the company asserts that it’s a step towards safer roads, critics argue that it encroaches on individual freedoms and raises practical concerns. As this technology becomes more prevalent in the automotive industry, the discussion surrounding the balance between safety and personal liberty is likely to persist, shaping the future of driving experiences.

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