Our Specialties.

Here at Road Rage Performance we cover a wide range of manufactures and vehicles but here are the main brands we work with. 


Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini are all part of the huge VAG Group which is one of the most common brands of vehicles to tune. We have extensive development on nearly all engines under this group and can offer not only great ECU and TCU tuning but also factory level diagnostics and programming.


“The ultimate driving machine”

Here at RRP we have always been big on BMW tuning. From the smallest of diesel engines up to the fire breathing M cars, track setups and everything in-between. We provide some of the fastest and most reliable calibrations in the industry.


“The best or nothing”

Mercedes tuning has always been a big hit here at RRP, with a combination of amazing build quality and great reliability Mercedes vehicles have amazing tuning potential. From the base A class to the top of the range AMG vehicles, Road Rage Performance has you covered. 


“Winning Together”

Yes we know Porsche is a part of the VAG group but the engines Porsche create are largely exclusive to themselves. Therefore separate tuning development is required. We began tuning Porsches back in 2016 with some amazing results, not only on the Turbo cars but on the naturally aspirated setups also.  From stock vehicle tuning to big upgrades our factory approach to tuning will have your Porsche dominating on the road and the track.

What we offer.

ECU Remapping

Renowned in house tuning using factory calibration practices. 

Gearbox Tuning

Sharpen up your auto or dual clutch gearbox with one of our highly developed TCU remaps.

Dyno Testing

Had your car tuned elsewhere, need a baseline or just want a health check? test your car on our 2000Bhp 4WD Synchronised rolling road.


Weather you need upgrades to help you go faster, or servicing to keep your pride and joy in the best of conditions. We have you covered with our in house workshop facilities 


Using factory level diagnostics coupled with dyno testing we are able to solve the most complex of issues.

Tuning dealers

We work with a great selection of companies to offer our tuning calibrations at multiple loctions. We also are happy to work with existing tuners and garages looking to offer our services.

Other Services And Specialties

Here is a list of some of our most tuned platforms and extra services we carry out
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