Garagistic Solid Chassis Mounted Short Shifter E30, E36, E46


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Are you looking for the ultimate in precision shifting and feel? Want to eliminate all slop in the shifter for that tactile mechanical feel and satisfying shift? Look no further than the Garagistic Solid Chassis Mounted Short Shifter! The Garagistic Solid Short Shifter requires no permanent modification to install and is the ultimate short shifter for your BMW! The shifting experience becomes tight, precise, and tactile, providing a definite feeling coming in and out of each gear. This aids in driver confidence and precision shifting especially when in a stress or race environment! The Garagistic Chassis Mounted Short Shifter is made from solid billet aluminium and is available with a variety of stalk lengths and shift knob options. Customize your shifter just to your taste with the Garagistic Chassis Solid Mounted Short Shifter!

Keep in mind: This is the only adjustable shifter on the market! You are able to move the pivot on this shifter to your exact preference to adjust feel and throw!

This shifter must be run with poly or solid upgraded transmission bushings.

Please note: Because this shifter is straight (not bent/curved like most BMW OEM shifters), some applications may require a custom-length DSSR.


  • Adjustable height and throw
  • Solid billet aluminium construction
  • Precision spherical bearing pivot point
  • No permanent modifications are required for installation!
  • Multiple shift stalk heights available (like OEM, Medium, Tall)
  • Multiple shift knobs available (Delrin, Aluminum, Soft, Standard, Vintage, Tall)
  • Available with OEM style slot rod for compatibility with BMW OEM shift knobs (select OEM height option)
  • Shift knobs available with recess for BMW shift pattern emblem
  • Anodized aluminium 5 speed shift emblem included with recessed shift knobs
  • adjustable height solid chassis mount shifter garagistic how to diy bmw e30 e36 e46

Included Hardware

  • 6 Flat Socket Bolts (top plate retaining bolts)
  • 7 Thumb Alen Bolts (Bottom plate retainer bolts)
  • 4 Small Set Screws (2 screws for shifter rod, 2 screws for lower rod)


Will this shifter fit my car?

  • Not compatible with iX AWD MODELS
  • Short option not recommended for E36 and up chassis
  • Will fit on round transmission tunnel holes between 3 1/4″ – 3 3/8″ diameter
  • Fits most BMW chassis such as E30, E36, E46, Z3, E39, E34, and many more (some very early model cars will require some modification to the opening in order to properly install the shifter. Please check the opening size based on the dimensions provided above.)
  • 1984 – 1985 E30 Models have a smaller diameter hole in the trans tunnel for the shifter. This will require you to remove enough material to increase the diameter of the hole in the trans tunnel with a Dremel for proper installation.
  • Please Note: Some OEM BMW shifter rods have a very slight tilt, therefore some shifters will also have a slight tilt once installed.

Which size rod should I get for my car?

  • In general the longer the rod the longer the shift-throw will be and the less notchy it will feel while the shorter rod produces a shorter shift-throw and a more notchy feel.
  • It is important to note that due to the varying heights of centre consoles in different chassis, certain size rods may be too small/large for you. For example, the E30 centre console is shorter than the E36 centre console so a short height shifter rod will be too short in an E36.


For back order items please allow 5-10 working days for delivery


Note on Inventory status

We currently have all components in stock to make these. However, These are very custom and have tons of configurations. In fact, there are nearly 676 different configurations possible. It’s not possible to have every combo pre-made ready to go. Each one gets hand-assembled to each customer’s specs. Shipping lead time on shifters is around 1 week from order to shipment. Please do not call/email within 30 seconds of placing the order to check status. These are worth the wait, we promise!

Due to high demand, in an effort to keep orders going out in as timely a manner as possible we can not take custom requests outside of our preconfigured options. This includes custom anodizing colours and combinations (example: bare assembly with anodized knob), custom shift patterns and emblems, and custom threading options.

Please leave Year and model in the notes on checkout!



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Emblem included with Emblem option

garagistic 5 speed shifter emblem solid mount chassis shifter supreme knob

Weight N/A

Bare, Black Anodized

Rod Length

Short, OEM, Medium, Tall

Shift Knob

Delrin Standard, Aluminium Standard, Delrin Standard W/Emblem, Aluminium Standard W/Emblem, Delrin Vintage, Aluminium Vintage, Delrin Vintage W/Emblem, Aluminium Vintage W/Emblem, Delrin Bat, Aluminium Bat, Delrin Standard White, Delrin Standard White W/Emblem

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