M1 K.C. Rev 2 Supercharger Kit


For Eaton M122H or TVS2350 Supercharger

£1,966 – £2,613

Capable of supporting 700 HP using Eaton TVS Supercharger
Average power curve: 400 HP – 550 HP using Eaton M122H Supercharger
(See performance specifications below for more information)

The M1 K.C. Rev. 2 is the largest supercharger setup available for BMW’s yet, uses the Roots type M122H or TVS 2350 supercharger and supports all BMW 6-cylinder M5x & S5x type engines: M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54.


Fully optionable supercharger kit. On custom orders, the M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Kit can also support the Ken Bell & Whipple Twin Screw type superchargers.

The M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Kit
– includes powder coated brackets.
– comes with a guaranteed 48 months craftsmanship warranty**.

Please note:

The M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Kits include all hardware and pipe work you require to bolt on the M122H supercharger.

The Supercharger and the Intercooler Kit are not included. Please order the Supercharger and the Intercooler from our shop separately.

The M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Supercharger Kit also requires the use of the SR1 Rev. 6 Manifold. This manifold is not included in the M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Bracket Kit. Please either order the SR1 Rev. 6 Manifold separately or by selecting the M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Base Kit, that includes the SR 1 Rev. 6 Manifold, above.

For the S50 and S54 engines with the ITB (Individual Throttle Body) we manufacture a custom manifold on order. Please contact us to request this service.

To complete the installation, you will require the following additional parts:

  • an intercooler kit*
  • vacuum hose
  • an air filter
  • larger injectors
  • a boost gauge
  • a boost controller and
  • ECU tune

All parts can be provided by us on request, at extra costs.

*The M1 Supercharger Kit does not use the Silicone Pipe Kit and instead uses the intercooler setup. If you are buying the intercooler setup, it will consist of all the required pieces.

For tuning, we suggest the Ostrich II Piggyback for the OBD I (M50 – pre 1995). As for the OBD II (M52/M54 – post 1995) we recommend our developed software for the factory ECU

Software Available here 

Weight N/A

M1 KC Rev 2 Supercharger Kit (With SR1 REV 6 Manifold), M1 KC Rev 2 Supercharger Kit (With Custom M3 ITB Plenum SR1 Manifold), M1 KC Rev 2 Supercharger Kit (Without SR1 REV 6 Manifold)


Engine: M50B30 Stroker K.C. Built
Boost: 17PSI Intercooled,
Rear Wheel HP: 458 RWHP @ 5500 rpm
Rear Wheel Torque: 425 ft-lbs @ 4850 rpm


Power: +100RWHP-300RWHP Capable*
Boost: 15 – 30PSI Direct or 14-25PSI Intercooled


For all E34, E36, E38, E39 and E46, Z4, Z3 and E30 with M5x or S5x engine swaps. Supports all the 6 cylinder M50/M52/M54 or S50/S52/S54 motors.

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