V4 M.O.A.B. Supercharger Kits


For AMR500 and SC14 Supercharger

£501 – £681

The V4 Supercharger Kit is the largest supercharger kit commercially available for the BMW 4-cylinder M4x based engines: M42/M43/M44. There are 3 different V4 Supercharger Kits available, supporting together 4 different superchargers including the SC14 with its 1430 cc displacement, which makes it the largest ever offered to these engines:

  1. V4 M.O.A.B. AMR 500 Supercharger Kit (low boost setup): this kit supports the AMR500 which is the smaller supercharger.
  2. V4 Prototype Eaton based Supercharger Kit (midrange – high boost setup): this kit supports both the M45 and M62 superchargers.
  3. V4 M.O.A.B. SC14 Supercharger Kit (highest boost setup): this kit supports the SC14 supercharger


The V4 M.O.A.B. Supercharger Kit will maintain the AC, the alternator and the power steering.
The extended belt drive is for the M45/M62/SC14 only, the AMR 500 can use the stock tensioner & accessories belt drive.

The V4 Supercharger Kits
– include powder coated brackets (brackets in gunmetal grey only for the AMR 500 kit)
– come with a guaranteed 24 months craftsmanship warranty**.

The base V4 Supercharger Kit includes all hardware and pipe work you require to bolt on the supercharger. The Supercharger is not included in the kit. Please order the supercharger separately.

To complete the installation on any of the setups, you will require the following additional parts:

  • an Intercooler Kit (for high boost) or Silicone Pipe Kit and hose clamps (for low boost)
  • a second power steering pulley (for M.O.A.B Kits with either the SC14 or Eaton M45 or M62 Superchargers)
  • vacuum hose
  • an air filter
  • larger injectors
  • a boost gauge and
  • proper tune (reprogrammed ECU or standalone ECU).

All parts can be provided by us on request, at extra costs.

The M.O.A.B. V4 AMR500 Kit will require 2″ to 2.5″adapters for the supercharger inlet and outlet while the remainder can be 2.5″. Please consult the installation guide for more information.

For tuning, we suggest our developed software for the factory ECU available here 


Weight N/A

AMR500, SC14


Boost Depending on Supercharger

AMR 500: 3-5PSI
M45: 7-8PSI
M62: 8-12PSI
SC14: 12-20PSI


For all E30 E34, E36, E46 – 318Ti, Z4, Z3 with the 4 cylinder BMW M4X motors as M44B19, M42B18, M43B16, M43B18, M43B19, M40 (Unofficial Retrofit with M42/M43/M44 Alternators).


The SC14 & AMR500 will retain the stock manifold. The Eaton M45 & M62 will require you use the custom Hyde Motor Works Mini Manifold adapter in place of the M44/M42 top manifold, as well as needing to either raise the hood hinges slightly in the rear or use a low profile hood scoop to clear the hood.

The Eaton and SC14 superchargers also use their separate belt drive while the AMR500 incorporates the factory belt drive.

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