SC14 & SC12 Supercharger Pulley (80MM)


For TX12/TX15 (SC12 & SC14) Superchargers

This Hyde Motor Works 80 mm Pulley for the SC14 & SC12 will push between 7 – 10 PSI for the 6 cylinders and 14+ PSI on the 4 cylinders. It has been designed as a high boost pulley for the V2 and V4 SC14 setups and is a complete bolt on upgrade to an SC14 & SC12 supercharger.

Also works on SC12 Superchargers.

It is recommended to use this pulley only after your installation and setup has been completed and you ensured there are no boost leaks, you are happy with how the car runs and with the overall smoothness of the engine and the proper tune. Consider this the final touch.


This machined purpose build Hyde Motor Works 80 mm Pulley is meant to get more boost out of your SC14 and SC12. It is a fixed pulley and good for achieving the maximum recommended safe boost for a stock engine and most of what the SC14 can support, while staying efficient and safe. This is a fixed pulley, so you won’t be able to use the clutch. It will also require a smaller belt.

Works with our any SC14 Supercharger and Hyde Motor Works kit that uses the SC14 or SC12.

Ensure to select the correct bearings for the pulley sold also at our shop, based on your ID and OD of your current SC14 pulley sleeve.

Good for built 6 or 4-cylinder BMW engines to extract maximum power. On 6 Cylinder M50/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 engines, the boost should be between 8-10PSI. We however don’t recommend using this on a stock M44/M43/M42 or any other stock stock BMW 4-cylinder engine, as the boost will be higher at 14 PSI+.

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Weight 0.8 kg

Fits all SC14 Superchargers, Both Cross face and non Cross face.


Dependent on Motor & Intercooler used.
6-8PSI on BMW 6 cylinder M5x/S5x motors
15-20PSI on BMW 4 cylinder M4x motors


Machined Aluminum, Silver, Laser Engraved. 4x M6 Threaded holes to bolt on the SC14 cross face.

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