SR1 Rev. 6 Manifold


This manifold replaces the standard BMW 6-cylinder engine intake manifold and is used in supercharger and turbocharger applications to withstand high boost pressure. It can also be used with naturally aspirated engines.

The SR1 Manifold supports the BMW M50, M52 & S52 engines. It requires the M54 Intake Manifold Adapter for the M54 and M52TU engines, which has to be ordered separately. It needs to be ordered separately for the M1 K.C. as well as the V3.1X and V3.2 Supercharger Kits. The V3.62 for the M62 supercharger does not use this manifold.

For the S54 engines with the ITB (Individual Throttle Body) we manufacture a custom manifold on order. Please contact us to request this service at extra cost.


The SR1 Rev. 6 Manifold is made of aluminum and is a critical part of our M1 K.C. Rev. 2 as well as V3.1X/V3.2 Supercharger Kits. It can also be used with naturally aspirated engines.

The SR1 Rev. 6 Manifold
– is polyethylene coated
– comes with a guaranteed 36 months craftsmanship warranty**.

Please check our Product Finder for all parts available in our shop necessary for this setup.
For more information on the SR1 Manifold please check the overview on Our Products page.

Weight 8 kg

All BMW M50, M52, S52 Engines. M54 & M52TU engines will require an M54 to M50 adapter to match bolt holes pattern.
For S50, S54 Engines, this manifold can be retro fitted but not intended for, For those engines we customize this manifold as per requirements


Fits standard injectors and fuel rail on the M5x / S5X motors with little variation.

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