O.T. M10


Eaton M45, M62 and Rotrex C38 Supercharger

£1,328 – £1,499

Average power curve: 200 – 450 HP
(See performance specifications below for more information)

The O.T. M10 Supercharger Kit is a versatile supercharger kit for the 4-cylinder BMW M10 Engine, found the older E30 and BMW 2002 models as well as the BMW 1800, 1802, E12, E21, E28.

There are 2 different V4 Supercharger Kits available, supporting together 3 different superchargers including the Eaton M45 and Eaton M62 Superchargers for midrange power increase as well as a Rotrex C38 variant as our Flagship Supercharger Kit.


The O.T. M10 Supercharger Kits
– include powder coated brackets
– come with a guaranteed 24 months craftsmanship warranty**.

The O.T. M10 stands for Old Timer M10, this Supercharger Kit is designed to be used on the BMW M10 Engine and includes all hardware and basic pipe work you require to bolt on the supercharger and get it running with the engine. The Supercharger is not included in the kit. Please order the supercharger separately.

This setup comes with its own custom crank pulley, tensioner and belt drive which allows you to upgrade your factory generator to a more modern alternator while preserving the function of the stock belt driven engine accessories. The use of a modern alternator from the E36/E38/E39/Z3/Z4/E46 is mandatory. Details of which can be found on the installation guide. The Air conditioner is not supported by the kit, and could be a retro fit option.

To complete the installation on any of the setups, you will also require the following additional parts:

  • M45 or M62 or Rotrex C38 Supercharger (based on the kit)
  • an Intercooler Kit (for high boost) or Silicone Pipe Kit and hose clamps (for low boost)
  • vacuum hose
  • an air filter
  • a boost gauge and
  • proper tune .

All parts mentioned above can be provided by us on request, at extra costs.

Currently the kit supports only the Eaton M45 Supercharger, future support will be added for the M62. *

Please consult the installation guide for more information.

For tuning, We recommend switching to an EFI setup from the newer M10 Engines and have an standalone ECU, we are able to provide basic tuning assistance based on our own setups if required.

Weight N/A

O.T. M10 Supercharger Kit for Eaton M45/M62, O.T. M10 Supercharger Kit for Rotrex C38


Boost Depending on Supercharger

M45: 7-10PSI
M62: 8-14PSI
Rotrex C38: 14-25PSI


BMW E30, 2002, 1800, 1802, E12, E21, E28.


Not all models of chassis have been tested, if you would like to check with us your chassis measurements before buying, please email us.

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